February 13th, 2013

Северная стена, нижний регистр, часовня Птаххотепа

Северная стена, нижний регистр, часовня Птаххотепа (http://osirisnet.net/mastabas/akhethtp_ptahhtp/e_akht_ptah_03.htm)

- GARIS DAVIES Norman de, The Mastaba of Ptahhetep and Akhethetep, Part I, EEF, London, 1900;Part II, EEF, London, 1901
- PAGET, R.F.E. and PIRIE, A.A., The Tomb of Ptah-hetep, Egypt Research Account, 1896.

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Bringing tribute, sprouting things and all good things by the ka-servants, etc. (sic!) (Paget, 1896. P. 31)

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Bringing things  to the superintendant of the pyramid city, upper priest of the Nefer-pyramid of Assa, first below the king, Ptah-hetep, by the ka-servants of the wakf (Paget, 1896. P. 31)

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Over a man cutting foreleg of an ox, evidently the finest of the slaughtered- "Let the divine servant and priest come to this foreleg," to which the second, at the hind leg, replies: "Behold I will carry off to him his haunch!" A man cutting off the foreleg of the next beast calls out to his neighbour, "Ho! pull me this," but the other, who is busy with the haunch of the last animal, replies "I am attending to this" (lit. "I am making this to happen"). A fifth man, who is holding the haunch of the second ox, extends his hand to the "chief uab-priest of Pharaoh, the physician Akhetarna," saying, "See, this blood!" The priest smells the blood on his hand and gives the verdict, "This is purity." (Paget, 1896. P. 31)

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Further cutting up of oxen. Taking the scene from the left to right the inscription run: "Pull hard!" "I am doing (so)" "Behold this heart." "Lift up neighbour." "It is in my hand (?)" The man with the bowl says, "Give me this blood." (Paget, 1896. P. 31)